Hair Restoration in San Diego

Hair loss, otherwise known as alopecia, is an extremely common affliction that strikes both men and women, although men are more prone to the condition. Male pattern baldness is extremely common, and because it runs in families, there are no preventative measures to take to avoid its onset. However, there is a way to maintain a full head of hair even with genetically predetermined hair loss. Hair transplants are a safe and effective way to fight baldness and regain a full head of hair.

Hair Restoration San Diego

Hair transplant technology has come a long way through the years. Today, it is a much more effective procedure than it was ten or twenty years ago, and the results are much more natural looking. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, expert hair restoration in San Diego is done through NeoGraft, the most advanced means of hair transplantation available. NeoGraft is an innovative system that allows individual hair follicles to be transported in groups, allowing for quicker treatment and very natural looking results. In the past, unnaturally straight parts gave away that a person may have had a transplantation procedure, but nowadays, using the most sophisticated technology, hair restoration results are much more natural.

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Hair loss isn’t limited to men; many women also start to lose their hair later in life. For women, hair loss can be extremely distressing. However, with hair transplants, women are also able to regain a fuller head of hair. NeoGraft hair transplants can be used on men and women of all ages, although it is recommended that younger candidates attempt other means of regaining hair such as Rogaine before committing to hair transplants. Generally, NeoGraft patients are at least in their mid-twenties. A full head of hair is within reach of all balding men and women!

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